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clean my mac computer bild code Issue: How to Fix D3XC Error? Hi. A couple of days ago Ive started receiving a popup message saying YOUR COMPUTER.
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Apple bans German magazine Computer Bild because of bendghazi video. Forums Discussions Off-Topic Discussion. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Prev 1 2 3 Next.

First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. Woz Member. Nov 9, 0 0 Italy. Kenshin said:.

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I don't get the test they are doing. They took a phone and deliberately bent it, forcefully pushing into it with two thumbs to prove some kind of point. If they rode a bus with it in their pocket and it bent I could understand it, but no one does what they did to their phone. Seems like a perfectly good waste of a phone to me. Chariot Member. Jul 6, 27, 0 Garou said:.

Bild is the Daily Mail of Germany, so fuck those guys.

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TekGryphon Banned. Apr 12, 0 0. Banning Europe's biggest and most influential computer magazine sounds like a really great idea. May 25, 14, 0 0 Erfurt, Germany. Proteus BOSS.

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Apr 8, 68, 1, Toronto. The problem with the video is that it doesn't really apply to real world use. As we've seen on forums, both here and various others, the amount of people actually experience real world bending of their iPhone is minimal. Maybe 30 people at max. There was a blog created when the issue started to highlight the bent phones and so far the most posts it has received are from ones found in Apple Stores that people have most likely purposely bent.

A bend test is no different than a drop test. If you go out of your way to damage your expensive electronic device you're going to end up with a damaged electronic device. I'm not sure I would revoke them access for it though but I do think as a form of journalism it doesn't appropriately tackle the issue.

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I guess I have my annoyances with both parties in the end. Mar 17, 10, 0 0. Hindl Member.

Sep 12, 12, 0 0. Musician said:. I think Strong-arming is the word you're looking for.

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  • Or threatening. News like these always astound me.

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    Doesn't Apple and the multitudes of other companies who've done this realize that they're exposing themselves to even MORE bad publicity? Jun 10, 20, 0 0. Gross, always seems so weird when people talk about the Apple blacklist openly. You hear about it on twit podcast sometimes and it's some crazy fucking game of Redlight-Greenlight that Apple is in complete control of for certain outlets. TekGryphon said:.

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    Apple isn't dumb. They have one of the greatest marketing teams in the world. They're fully aware of their consumer profile.

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    Apple consumers buy Apple products for the logo, the image, and the ever-ephemeral "experience". Apple knows that the type of people who understanding things like resolution, pixel density, the important of RAM, removable batteries, expandable microSD slots, etc - aren't the ones buying Apple products in the first place. They'll reach their target demographic ten times better with a commercial on Dancing With the Stars than they will striving for a positive review in a tech magazine.

    AdrianWerner Banned. Dec 27, 17, 0 0 www. If there wasn't a huge problem Apple wouldn't be so desperate to cover it up. That seems like logical deduction right? Ihre WindowsSeriennummer ist angeblich falsch? Ihre Nummer muss zur Systemvariante passen. Die teuren Windows-Editionen 7 Ultimate und 8. Eine Prozentangabe gibt Aufschluss, wie weit der Installationsprozess von Windows 10 fortgeschritten ist. Wiederholt bleibt die Angabe beim selben Wert stehen? In dem Fall brechen Sie das Upgrade ab. Dieses Problem stellt sich bei einem Upgrade nicht, im Zuge einer Neuinstallation hingegen eventuell: dass keine neue Partition als Installationsziel anlegbar ist.

    Sie bewirkt, dass der Prozessor bestimmte Befehle beherrschen muss, wobei die Umgehung dieser nicht vorhandenen Funktionen nicht mehr softwareseitig erfolgt. Besser macht man bei einem Upgrade einen Bogen um Windows-Zwischenstationen. Neuere Modelle mit Windows 8, 8. Juli Die Setup-Routine liest den intern hinterlegten Key aus. Doch sie verhindert auch den Start von einem WindowsBit-Installationsmedium.

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