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Bernie "Mac" McCullough (born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough) is a fictional character loosely He barely knew his father and he had two sisters, Bernita ( Niecy Nash) and Stacy, and an I gotta go stunt one of them kids growth". two real incidents: Mac briefly took in his gang-banging niece Toya and her daughter Monique;.
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Bernie Mac: I would like to give these kids a good home.

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In fact, there's one a few miles away from here Bernie Mac: Okay, I'll take them to Splash Canyon, but if they give me one excuse, just one excuse, to turn around I'll take it. Little one wheezes. Glasses fall. Big one cop an attitude. We turn right around and I sit here with my air conditioning guilt-free.

Bernie Mac: [after finding out Jordan bought a telescope with money Bernie gave him for medicine] You little sneak. You think this is funny? You in big troubles with me, young man. I mean big trouble.

Bernie Mac: He didn't play me, he stole from me. The boy stole. It's called the way it is.

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Wanda: You could have at least given Jordan dessert before you sent him to his room. Bernie Mac: The boy should have bought some cookies when he went on that spending spree. Got it?

Bernie Mac: She turned on the lights, and there Hanging on the door was a bloody hook From the last person who touched Bernie Mac's stereo without his permission. Nobody else does] But seriously, if y'all get hungry, go to a restaurant. Bernie Mac just likes to say Bernie Mac. Wanda: Oh no, Bernie, I was annoyed about the Richters.

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Bernie Mac: [to dog] Shut up before I drop yo ass off at Koreatown. Now hold on, America, don't start writing no letters. I'm just kidding. But am I lying? Do not touch my old school, my new school, my slow jams, my party jams, my happy rap, and you better not touch Jordan: We talked about how the first thing a black man in the NBA does is get a new car and a white girl.

Jordan: You know how much your hand shakes when your cutting hair? You could hold ice and make a milkshake. I don't take credit for that one. That was Uncle Bernie's. Bernie Mac: Oh, I bet I don't feed you in the morning, you'll have somethin' to say! Bernie Mac: No it doesn't. And it's Mr. Rhymes with smack, as in upside your head. Bernie 'Mac' McCullough: Look at this. I mean, I just went outside to get the newspaper I'm talking about 30 seconds, and look at me. It's so damn hot. California,in the middle of winter it's 95 degrees! But I'll tell you one thing, America, Bernie Mac is going to sit right here and chillfor the rest of the day.

Bernie Mac: Oh, you think it's like a prison, huh? Well I got news for you. It ain't. Because in prison, there's HOPE! Bernie 'Mac' McCullough: Hey baby, the phone bill kind of high this month. Look at that.

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Wanda McCullough: Vanessa was doing good in school so I let her call some friends. Wanda McCullough: You still got to watch her, baby. By clicking continue below and using our sites or applications, you agree that we and our third party advertisers can:. If you have opted in for our browser push notifications, and you would like to opt-out, please refer to the following instructions depending on your device and browser. For turning notifications on or off on Google Chrome and Android click here , for Firefox click here , for Safari click here and for Microsoft's Edge click here.

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