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OneNote for Mac is a digital note-taking app that provides a single place for cells from a Microsoft Excel for Mac workbook and paste it into OneNote. You can also send us feedback about our documentation by answering the short .
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You likely already have one if you use Outlook.

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If you need to create one, be sure to check out the introductory note, which has useful tips for newcomers. You can have multiple notebooks. Across the top of each notebook are tabs, each one representing what it calls a section. The sections hold the individual notes, which are listed down the right side.

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You can also nest a note under another note, which keeps related items organized or breaks up a long list. The structure works well for dividing up work tasks—I previously used it for lesson plans when I was a teacher.

I could just touch the Lesson Plans tab and then find the proper week among the list of notes. This is where new notes go. Click to enlarge.

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Users with touchscreen devices can write notes with a stylus or finger. Other little tricks that set OneNote apart from the other tools in Office.

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You can also record a lecture or meeting—throw it in a shared note for friends who slept through it. Another interesting feature is the ability to embed other Office files within OneNote. You could, for example, create a miniature Excel spreadsheet and edit it directly within OneNote. You can also quickly toggle between personal and enterprise accounts.

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  3. A simpler layout — with more room for your notes?
  4. OneNote will keep both synced up, yet separate. Office Lens lets you take a picture of that whiteboard session, business card , or anything else and save it directly to OneNote.

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    Text inside the pictures can even be automatically converted to editable Word or Powerpoint files. The interface is extremely similar to the Windows version's, but there are fewer tabs in the ribbon across the top—which unfortunately means fewer features.

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    The deeper integration with Office and the ability to sign in with multiple accounts, for instance, is found only on the Windows variant. IA web app for Chromebooks.

    Microsoft also built in support for the new Share extension for iOS 8. Learn more at onenoteforteachers. Getting started with OneNote.

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    Working faster with OneNote. Getting the most out of OneNote In this interactive student's guide, you'll see how you can get the most out of OneNote. OneNote Class Notebook have a personal work space for every student, a content library for handouts, and a collaboration space for lessons and creative activities. See the OneNote Class Notebook tutorials page for more information. OneNote Class Notebook offers a personal workspace for every teacher and staff member, a Content Library for shared information, and a space where everyone can work together.

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    See the OneNote Staff Notebook tutorials page for more information. Do you want to delete the notebook for good, or do you want to keep the notebook, but not have it on OneDrive anymore? When you no longer need a particular notebook, you can remove it from your computer's hard drive. OneNote for Mac does not include a command for deleting entire notebooks. You can close any currently open notebook to remove it from your notebooks list in OneNote.