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In our tests, we acquired a brand new commercial cassette tape and used each it does more than just convert the audio on your tapes to a digital format. . Additionally, the best applications work on both Windows and Mac.
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1. Getting the equipment

If your tape deck has a built-in volume knob, set it at about 75 percent cheaper preamps could distort the audio at max volume. Look for the equalizer at the top of Audacity. If the meter occasionally flashes red or orange, your recording is too loud and will be distorted. A little yellow is okay, but all green is ideal. We suggest you record each tape in its entirety, without stopping and starting between tracks. Even if you flip the tape over, leave Audacity recording. This makes it easier to chop each song into an individual file.

Now, we have to cut that giant file into separate songs.

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Press F1 to turn on the selection tool, and use your mouse to select the entirety of song one. The portion you selected should now appear as a separate audio track.

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Repeat the previous step for each song in the giant file. You can trim off any excess audio by selecting it F1 and pressing the DEL key on your keyboard.

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Tape conversion is easy but can be time-consuming. Speaking of rare recordings, tons of them have been lost to time. If you have any home recordings of radio broadcasts, concerts or anything remotely interesting , consider uploading them to the Internet Archive for posterity.

How to Transfer Cassette Tape to Computer

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Make sure it is hooked up to the computer and the cassette deck! Next Post Introducing iMovie June 10, Log in to Reply. Husen Darmawan.

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June 22, Log in to Reply. You can import them into iTunes, build a playlist around them, and then sync them to your device. Or, as I described when talking about ripping audiobook CDs, you can use Join Together or Audiobook Builder to combine the files into a single track.

Chris has covered technology and media since the latter days of the Reagan Administration. In addition to his journalistic endeavors, he's a professional musician in the San Francisco Bay Area. Macworld forum visitor Suenaga reacts to a recent entry regarding ripping audiobook CDs for playback on an iOS device with a question : Any advice on doing the same with audio cassettes?

I have dozens of books on tape I'd like to move over to my old MacBook.