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Please note that these are for Candy Box. They apparently won't work in Candy Box 2. However, it is still possible to 'cheat' in Candy Box 2. For simplicity.
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To get the puzzle you should go in the castle and go up the stairs. The dragon will ask you for what you seek and if you reply "candies", he will point you to the cyclops near the lighthouse. The hashes are energy points. There can be up to 5 on a tile. Every click on a tile uses one energy point to use its specific power. When you click on a tile with one of them, one energy point will be sent to an undiscovered tile in the direction of the arrow.

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If there are several arrows, the priority will go from left to right, and from top to bottom. If every arrow point to discovered tiles, clicking the tile will just make the energy point disappear for nothing. You can differentiate them because they are longer than regular arrows.

The orientation and direction the big arrow is pointing towards indicate the movement the tiles will have. On the special arrow tile will also be a smaller, regular one. For example, a special arrow tile with a small V means the row under it will be moved. When you click on them, one energy point is given to every discovered tile directly in contact with it not diagonally.

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If a heart tile is next to another tile, they can create an infinite amount of energy. The goal? Once you give it even one and click on it, you win the puzzle. Here are the first steps that definitely give you a correct start. C is the starter tile. Dots are undiscovered ones. Numbers are the order you should click on. I broke it up in several diagrams:. Click on the center to begin. Click on the center again, twice. At this point you should already have an infinite energy pool with the two adjacent hearts.

Charge all the nearby tiles to the max. Using the row mover, get the bottom tile under the heart and charge it. Then get it on the far left. Now that you have another energy pool and a column mover you should be able to see where things are going. Charge the top left corner tile and use it to uncover the bottom two rows. The rest should be relatively easy.

If you didn't find the book yet, it's.

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Sorry, no help here! What a grind!

I've got a roomful of Octopi Kings surrounding it, hammering away, but slow going. Has anyone figured out how to keep the boots of introspection once you defeat yourself via X potion? Click on CLDR and you'll find the cauldron. A couple more teleports, and now, the teapot is surrounded by tribesmen, and I'm sitting on top of its spout hitting it with my fireballs and staff. It seems to be going down a little quicker. Next time I'd equip the red gloves first, but for now, it's down below , with only about 5 minutes monitoring after the tribesmen were in place.

Help guys! Where can I find one?

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I need a pain au chocolat to minimise the time between casting, to survive the castle! I've already used two, but for the other options..

Dear Gary,

The cursor will not change to a hand; just keep clicking around at the base of the trees. Its probably varied but I had both health regen items unicorn horn and pink gloves waited till he was low hp, and then hit him with a fireball. I survived with 1 hp. Best wait till you have the Scythe before fighting the Teapot. Or you could leave it open in another browser window for two hours while you also stockpile your candy reserves. I've gotten the Red and Green ones eons ago, but I carve my way through walls of sharks and still can't find the third one.

The third shark fin is in the same place. It just takes a long time to get to it. To keep the boots of introspection, you'll need to wear an unenchanted King Octopus Crown. There are several messages in the background that say "you lack self-confidence", which is why you die.

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Most of the question people are asking here can be easily answered in the game's official wiki, which is linked on the game configuration page. And I believe I just beat the game, got all the itens, entered everywhere, etc. After that happens. Anyone else finding glitches in the desert fortress? I can't go in the left or middle rooms without the game crashing. There is something sadistically gratifying about clearing out the desert using a swarm of black demons. Poor camels and birds I was trying to click on the hat of the trader to get a discount like in the first game, and he gave me a price on it.

Has anyone else ran into this bug? In The Desert fortress, When i click to go into the middle room, its blank. I cannot get out of it. I refreshed tha page thinking that was the issue, but then i had to load up my game again lucky that i saved , and i tried it again, same result.

And also the same for the left room, its blank BUT after a few seconds the room shows up but i'm already dead. Does the 4th stone come from beating the developer, or something else? And if it does come from the developer, how do I not die in a black hole? There's something more fun about collaborating with a small group of people, and getting one hint at a time rather than just gorging on the walkthrough.

Also, the Wiki was incomplete at the time the game was posted here.

candy box 2 - How do I get more chocolate bars? - Arqade

Apparently the people who update it weren't that far ahead of the rest of us. Yes, the 4th stone comes from beating the Developer. Also, get the Purple Shark Fin, and use the spell it gives you. Anyone know an easy way of getting candies? I only have the sorceress' hat left to get. Everything else is completed. Currently I'm just re-doing Hell with the Merchant's Hat. I've read you can get 3 chocolate bars by digging but I've tried a few times and nothing. There are some funny markings on the floor somewhere in the cave. It's a map that allows you to access the bottom of the tree to the right of the lonely house north of the village.

In the cave itself, there is only one chocolate bar lying around. If you click the spot where the 'X' is on the world map, you can dig to get 3 chocolate bars. You can encounter a room in The Cave entrance which shows a map on the ground. If you click the spot where the 'X' is on the world map , you can dig to get 3 chocolate bars.