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When building a local network, you probably use a mix of computers, including Windows PCs and Apple Macs. Though OS X and Windows are built quite differently, they can be networked through file sharing services built into each operating system. Then, using a Windows computer, you.
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Make a note of your Workgroup name and computer name as you will need this information when connecting to your PC from your Mac. David Wayne has been writing since , with technology columns appearing in several regional newspapers in Texas. Wayne graduated from the University of Houston in , earning a Bachelor of Arts in communications. Skip to main content. Tip Use the Share tab in Windows File Explorer to send files and folders to the computers on your network.

Access a Shared Folder from Windows

References 5 Indiana University: What is Ethernet? About the Author David Wayne has been writing since , with technology columns appearing in several regional newspapers in Texas.

Accessed 17 August Skip to main content. Alla produkter. These files can easily be migrated using the methods described below.

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This article is intended to help walk you through the process of moving your files from your Mac to your PC using these methods: The overall process is a 2 part process, the first step is to prepare the PC with a temporary folder to hold the files and to share that folder and then get the IP address so that you can connect to it from the MAC if your migrating the files over a network or by using a direct cable connection.

The second step is to actually migrate the files, there are 5 different methods below, just use the method most appropriate for you: Step 1. More Information.

How to Move Files by Networking a PC to a Mac

You should prepare a folder on your PC as a temporary location to store your files and then move them to the proper locations once the migration is completed Example: Documents in My Documents, pictures in My Pictures, etc Note: The methods below are listed from the most efficient to least efficient for situations where you have moderate to large volumns of files to migrate. To do this, tollow these steps:.

To do this, follow these steps:. Once the temporary folder hac been created and the folder is shared, go to Step 2. To migrate your files from a Mac to a PC, click the method below that you would like to use and then follow the steps in that method to transfer your files. At the begining of each method you will see what's needed to use that particular method.

The challenges of supporting Mac computers in a workplace

Note: Some methods may contain steps specific to your version of Windows. To transfer your files over a network, you must connect both the Mac and the PC to the network.

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Once the files are migrated to the shared PC folder, you can log on to the PC and move the individual files to thier permonant location. Working with files and folders.

Connect to Shared Folder on Windows 10 from Mac OS X

To migrate your files to the PC using a cloud based Service, first, log on to the service from the Mac and copy your files to that location. Next, log on to the cloud based Service from the PC and copy the files from that location to the folder on the PC. Once the files are migrated to the PC folder, you can log on to the PC and move the individual files to thier permonant location. For help with working with Files and Folders on the PC, see the following Helptopic on the Microsoft website: Working with files and folders. Transfering files using a direct cable connection is an easy process and can be the fastest way to transfer your files.

To do this, follow the steps below:. Once the files are migrated to the PC location, you can move the individual files to thier permonant location.

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If you have an Internet connection and a small number of files that you want to migrate, you can email the files to yourself from the Mac using your e-mail account, and then access your e-mail account from your PC. Just open and save, or drag and drop the files to the temporary folder that you created in earlier steps. Note: Emailing large files or larger amounts of files may take several emails and in some cases the files may be too large to send using email.

Note: You may need to change a setting on your e-mail account so that the email will stay on the server once it's been read.