How to use mac brow finisher

The MAC Brow Finisher holds my brows in place all day without being greasy sticky, or bleeding. Here's a quick tutorial to show you how I use.
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Nicely groomed and shaped brows is all you need if nothing else.


Defines your features and face. Check out my video tutorial to see how….

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what to use to set eyebrows ?

Thank you. I used to try to blend with a concealer brush and always mess up. Enjoyed this tutorial.. Never thought to use a qtip to blend the concealear around the brows.. I always struggle with using my finger and end up smudging it.. Love this tutorial i have watched a few eyebrow tutorials and yours i must say is the best ive seen simple and nice! I really luv the color nail polish you have on in the video.

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Could you please let me know what color and brand it is. Luv the video.

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  6. Thanks, I really enjoyed the tutorial. My new favorite beauty blog!

    Mac Brow Finisher *Clear* Full Size (shape & hold brows in place) New in box | eBay

    Re: what to use to set eyeshadows? A brow wax? Or you could dampen a section of the shadow with a fixer spray before you apply the shadow? FiestyFemme New member.

    New MAC Shape + Shade Brow Liner Review + Demo

    It works for me! PollyRhythm New member.

    Wax Sticks: The Easy Way to Sculpt the Best Brows of Your Life

    HoneyDip New member. Either a clear brow gel or I sometimes use a brow wax by MAC. If I'm in a hurry I even like to use wet'n'wilds eye khols for my eye-brows, they've been recommended by a YT guru fafinettex3 uses it because it has a lot of wax in its formula, that way its a great product to hold your brows in place. Anna Phalactyc New member. I use a brow gel by Bloom Aussie brand , but I do use Mac's brow finisher in clear at times. I don't really like the brow finisher which is like a wax too much though, not a fan of feeling my brows sticking to my face.

    I think gel is the way to go. Sometimes I just spray a bit of hairspray onto a brow brush and sweep it through my brows. Dunno if it really "sets" the brows, i. Miss Ava Marie New member. Quote: Originally Posted by gigiopolis Sometimes I just spray a bit of hairspray onto a brow brush and sweep it through my brows.

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